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Administrative Services

Welcome to Quantum Benefits

Human Resources

Quantum’s online HR department provides your company with the most current, attorney-reviewed federal and state employment laws as well as a complete range of downloadable forms, posters, interactive HR tools and a lawyer-reviewed sample employee handbook.


Interactive guides that provide step-by-step guidance on COBRA, performance reviews, hiring, and terminating employees


Interactive tools including a description builder and salary benchmarking tool


Hundreds of downloadable forms, policies and posters


State 'mini COBRA' information as well as a range of additional employment laws per state

​PayrollHuman-Capital-Management-(HCM)Electronic-Data Integration-(EDI) Consulting-Adminis

Payroll/Human Capital Management (HCM)/
Electronic Data Integration (EDI) Consulting

The integration of Payroll/HCM and EDI Carrier feeds has become an expected service and a necessity for many Companies in order to manage and deliver their employee benefit programs and payroll successfully.  Implementing and delivering technology to your employees should streamline, not complicate your processes.   After spending many years as Executives at Insurance Carriers, Payroll Companies and 16 years managing a Quantum Benefits, our consultants’ experience gives us a unique perspective allowing us to work beyond the traditional definition of “Insurance Broker”.  

Our Brokerage team can provide your leadership with an objective view of your options as we become an extension of your HR Department helping your team uncover the best HCM/Payroll and benefits integration platform for your company’s needs.  Payroll/HRIS companies are evolving every day.  What may work well for one company may not be the solution for another.  We have also found it very important to focus on “response time” and “implementation time” when evaluating all the players on your behalf.

We can help you find the right solution and support your HR Department through the initial implementation and be there every moment to guide your Employee Benefits renewal process to success.


Health Plan Selection, Renewal, and Customer Relationship Management

Quantum manages your health plan selection and renewal process to ensure that you contract with the most comprehensive and cost-effective providers, resulting in greater cost efficiencies and improved employee satisfaction levels. Quantum’s Consultants also act as a liaison between you and your contracted insurance carrier to ensure that you are consistently receiving the best, most accurate, and most cost-effective service. All Quantum clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to ensure timely, consistent and accurate information between you and the carriers. We help manage your carrier and third party relationships to ensure that they are meeting your organizations daily and ongoing needs.


Benefit Plan Marketing & Implementation


Quantum provides detailed analysis of our plan marketing research to make sure potential new carriers understand and meet your organizations benefit program goals and employee needs. Quantum will perform the following services to market & implement new benefit plans.

Prepare detailed specifications of current plans

Market plans to all potential carriers and provide true objectivity 

Review and summarize all prospective carrier proposals

Provide a detailed benefit comparison

Provide Physician/Hospital disruption analysis to minimize employee dissatisfaction

Provide an illustrated financial comparison of the most effective alternatives 

Compare HEDIS/NCQA quality credentials

Assist with new carrier employee enrollment meetings and carrier presentations

Prepare communication materials for employees

Negotiate performance and rate assurances from carriers when available

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