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Broker Services

Cost-Effective Solutions

Strategy and Design

Quantum helps you align your health care strategy and benefit plan design with key short and long term business objectives. We help you manage the financial aspects of health and group benefit plans, ensuring you the most cost-effective solutions.


Quantum provides detailed benefits analysis, a direct comparison between your current benefits and those of a comparison group in order to analyze the competitiveness of your programs


Financial Analysis

Quantum performs the following services to ensure that clients are operating under the most advantageous financial conditions. This ensures that benefit dollars and service expectations are maximized.

Review current plan design 

Evaluate current contribution strategies and analyze alternatives 

Periodic and planned claims experience reviews

Analyze large claim information and their effect upon costs

Analyze medical trend factors to ascertain appropriateness 

Analyze stop loss/pooling charges for competitiveness and adequacy (as applicable) 

Review retention (expense) components to determine competitiveness 

Calculate reserve levels to ensure they are reasonable

Review policy settlements (including financial accounting for participating or dividend eligible contracts) for accuracy

Review appropriateness of current as well as alternative self-funding arrangements

Determine most advantageous rating methodology i.e., community rating, experience rating, manual rating, etc.

Help prepare annual Form 5500s including Schedule A information


Health Plan Selection, Renewal, and Customer Relationship Management

Quantum manages your health plan selection and renewal process to ensure that you contract with the most comprehensive and cost-effective providers, resulting in greater cost efficiencies and improved employee satisfaction levels. Quantum’s Consultants also act as a liaison between you and your contracted insurance carrier to ensure that you are consistently receiving the best, most accurate, and most cost-effective service. All Quantum clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to ensure timely, consistent and accurate information between you and the carriers. We help manage your carrier and third party relationships to ensure that they are meeting your organizations daily and ongoing needs.

Benefit Plan Marketing & Implementation

Quantum provides detailed analysis of our plan marketing research to make sure potential new carriers understand and meet your organizations benefit program goals and employee needs. Quantum will perform the following services to market & implement new benefit plans.

Prepare detailed specifications of current plans 

Market plans to all potential carriers and provide true objectivity

Review and summarize all prospective carrier proposals

Provide a detailed benefit comparison

Provide Physician/Hospital disruption analysis to minimize employee dissatisfaction 

Provide an illustrated financial comparison of the most effective alternatives

Compare HEDIS/NCQA quality credentials

Assist with new carrier employee enrollment meetings and carrier presentations

Prepare communication materials for employees

Negotiate performance and rate assurances from carriers when available

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