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Founded in 2003, Quantum’s leadership always remembers the reason they started their agency in the first place.  In an age when most businesses are moving to a “point & click” model with less human interaction, Quantum still believes in the power and importance of personal touch.  Navigating all insurance can be difficult, yet health insurance remains the most complicated and most utilized.

At a time when most agencies focus on the “initial deal” and “renewal” of your plan, Quantum fully understands the importance of being responsive to all employees and their dependents every day of the year.  Health insurance is personal.  Anyone going through a “medical event” will find the pitfalls of the medical delivery system and their insurance when they are most vulnerable.  This is not the time to direct them to customer service or an online portal for solutions.  It is the time for them to send one email or make one phone call to receive extremely responsive and accurate guidance.  That’s why EVERYONE at your company receives our contact information, not just Sr. Executives and HR Management.  Everyone is important regardless of the size of your company or employee rank.

Quantum fosters the same approach in all the products we offer.

Full Service Benefits Consulting and Brokerage for:

Health Insurance – Fully Insured, Level Funded, Self-Insured, Underwriting Expertise
Strategic Claims Analysis
Patient Advocacy
HIPAA Compliance
ACA Reporting Services
Health Savings Accounts (HDHPs) & Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs)
Small Group Self-Funded Plans (return of premium)
Human Resources Management
Payroll Consulting
Dental Insurance
Life, LTD & STD Insurance
Identity Theft Resolution Service
HRIS Consulting


COBRA Administration

FSA, DCA, Transit Accounts

Non-Insurance Products:

No-charge Utility Invoice Audits that return overpays to you.

At Quantum Benefits, we strive to deliver objective solutions to our clients by providing education, information, and world-class service, resulting in life-long relationships with constituents.

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